Edmonton Walk-In Centre
Edmonton Walk-in Centre, Evergreen Primary Care Centre, 1 Smythe Close, Edmonton, N9 0TW
Tel: 0208 887 8355
Fax: 0208 887 8340

Who can use the Enfield GP Access Service?

Patients registered with an Enfield GP can use the Service for the treatment of the following illnesses and injuries. You don't need an appointment and you don't need to be registered with a doctor:

•  Any condition for which you would normally go to your GP
•  Stomach ache, sickness, vomiting and diarrhoea
•  Cough, colds and flu like symptoms
•  Skin complaints including rashes and minor allergic reactions
•  High temperature and minor infections such as sore throats, ear aches and urinary infections.
•  Minor head injury - with no loss of consciousness
•  Muscle, bone and joint injuries - sprains, strains and soft tissue injuries (except suspected fractures for which you should go to A&E)
•  Urgent initial treatment where indicated
•  Wounds – superfcial cuts/lacerations, bruises, bites and minor burns. However, we do not routinely have a nurse on duty and cannot therefore undertake dressings, remove stitches or deal with more significant injuries
•  Lifestyle/health promotion advice

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